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name for upcoming geocoin wanted.


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below you can see the design (not final) of an upcoming 2" geocoin which is basically made of circles only. it comes close to the dahlia flower, however i'd prefer another name than "dahlia geocoin". usually i am not lost for words and names, but this time it's different.


so i ask you if you have an idea that comes more or less close to the design. it can also be something completely fancy, like "floccinaucinihilipilification".


the one who posts the idea of a name that i will eventually pick will get one of these coins (once they are ready, don't expect this coin to be out before november!). if no name appeals to me, i will raffle away one amongst all who contributed.


conditions: 1) post you ideas in this thread. 2) name must not be in use yet (for all existing geocoins, see http://www.geocaching.com/track/geocoinslistall.aspx) and not be suggested in this thread yet.


thank you.




I Love the middle one as well! It kind of reminds me of the 3-D pieces in Chex Mix. Maybe a play on that could be a good name idea?


Circle Chex

Caching Chex <--"Cashing Checks"???

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Caching Chex <--"Cashing Checks"???

Hey.... I like that.. can I use it?



Sure thing, as long as it scores me a freebie???


edited to add: LOL! I typed this, and then saw your next post...SAME words!! ("scores me a freebie") LOL!

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More like... Orbital Hemorrhage!




first to make me lol.

Woo Hoo! That scores me a freebie, right Ernie?? ;)



no promise yet. but i decide to toss in 2 coins instead of only. haven't decided yet.


however: everything "spiro...." is not part of it, as the design is not a spiral. a spiral always links one segment to the next, it is kind of an eternal (or at least very long) line. see also definition of spiral: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiral


thanks to everyone participating so far.

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1) Caching Creation


2) Dimiourgima (creasion in Greek)! ;)


3) Rainbow worrior (the name of the ship of Greenpeace that they sanked...)


4) Rainbow flower (for the middle design mostly)



A strange name came in my mind... but I do not think it actually fits with your coin....


"Coins of the Crypt!" A cache is actually a crypt so... :D

hmm.... maybe this is a great name for a spooky coin! :D

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How about for the first one, Desert Flower or Desert Rose or Desert Bloom. The second one, Night Watch because it looks like an eye looking out at you from twilight colors. And the third one, HypnoGaze. I hope I haven't repeated anyone else's suggestions since I wasn't able to look at all of the submissions. --Dulce-Joy

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