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Howdy y'all. Been a few years since i've been around. Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I'm gonna start caching again and am just checking things out to see whats changed and what hasn't. I've seen a few familiar names still around


If anyone remembers me, please feel free to say hi.



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You were around before my time, but welcome back anyway.


What made you decide to get active again?


Getting too fat and old...lol


Seriously, life had just gotten really busy. Time to slow things down and get back to something I enjoyed before. I even knocked out 7 caches today...woohoo

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Hello! It's always nice to hear of someone returning to geocaching after an absence. I hope everything is going well for you in North Carolina.


You are still immortalized with a quote in mtn-man's forum signature line. That takes some doing.


LOL...I see that...man those were the days, when I had so much time to spend on the forums...lol

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dang...no one remembers me... :lol:


Sorry, don't remember. But welcome back!!! I see you have 2K posts, and a long gap from 2006 until recently. Any suggestions on how to stay away from here for 4 years? 'Cause I'd love to do that myself. ;)


Get a job...lol


Got one, thanks. LAWL. Perhaps I should try moving to a new one, where I'd be afraid to post to the forums during working hours. Not that this has ever happened, ever. :)

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