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Geocoins collection


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Hi, i'm pretty new at this and i was wandering something... If, when you found a geocoin, you have to put it in another cache asap, how does people can make a collection out of them? Do they have to buy them? Or can you ask the geocoin owner if the geocoin can enters your collection?


I would like to get some geocoin but i don't want to steal them from anybody... help! XD




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There are many vendors that sell coins. Most collectors will buy themselves extras. Another way is to purchase from a collector or trade with a collector. Coins that have been released are never meant to be kept.


Have fun, and be careful... it can get very addicting and EXPENSIVE. :blink:

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Collections are created by buying geocoins and trading extras.

Activated coins are released by owners to enjoy the odd places they can get to and also as game pieces so cachers can enjoy moving them. They are also too expensive to be dumped in caches as McToyslike trade items.

One cache find and you've already discovered geocoins and the geocoins forum... that's pretty good!!

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Coins that have been released are never meant to be kept.



Correction: MOST coins that are released are never meant to be kept. There are some out there that tell you on the coin's page if they can be kept or not (moun10bike, lz33, serial finder).


Yes, you are infact correct. I forgot about those and stand corrected. :)

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