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West side of Portland suggestions

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So my family and I are going to go out tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of somewhere we could go to look for caches. I know the map shows tons of them, but I was looking for quite a few concentrated in a smaller area. Preferably w/o having to drive. My kids are 5 and almost 3. So sometimes going on longer hikes just doesn't work out like we'd wish it to.


This sounds like a bit of a ramble, It's late and I just got done working 9. Mucho sleepy. Anyway, if you have any suggestions or ideas, we're open to them. If we have to drive a ways out of the metro area, that's cool too.

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Westside Portland cachers hang out in this forum. Though it's been quiet lately (darned Facebook.)


Go to Noble Woods Park. It has nice trails through a forest with bridges over Beaverton Creek. There are three geocaches within an easy walk from parking on the south side and two more north of the creek. To get started, go to the page for GC19YXD and click on "Geocaching.com Google Map."

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