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Starting a "MUST FIND" list in Georgia

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Im relatively new to caching (about 2 weeks and 37 caches under my belt). I have enjoyed this more than any other hobby I have attemted in recent memory. I enjoy finding a cache signing the log then looking around and thinking I would never be here if not for this little box or finding a cache in a light bulb for instance and thinking what a crafty fellow to have done this. I am interested in the "must see" locations and "must find" caches (of course the die hard cacher says there all must see). This is purely subjective I understand, but if you know of a cache that has made you say "man that was clever", "I would have never thought of that", or " what a beautiful place to put an ammo box" then please list it here so that I may add it to my list. My current list will start with Georgia and the caches closest to my home county of Laurens as I dont travel out of the state much, but with my new found hobby (obsession) I think my travels might expand.

Thanks in advance for any help and happy caching in the future!!



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I'm a newbie as well (4 months, about 20 caches) and got started as part of my son's 11th birthday party. We live close to Agnes Scott College, and they have a 3 star rated cache which we dumbly tried to find. Boys had a lot of fun but no find of course--we were pretty naive to the whole subjec.


I do a lot of caches around decatur, and there's a lot of forested beauty in the area as well as good old parks.


My favorite geocache is one called "Treasure and Scavenger Hunts" near the Decatur library. It's a real brain teaser!



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