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Legend HCx power off

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Once again, while travelling by car today, my Legend HCx decided to shut down. I have it connected to the cigarette lighter and most of the time it is OK - it might not happen at all on both outward and return journeys of up to three hundred miles each, or just once one way as today on a journey of eighty miles. I cannot see any reason for it: even if the engine is switched off, the GPSr should remain on and simply bleep and give a message to state that external power is lost, but this happened as I was driving. My Track Setup when driving is set to 'Auto', the Interval today was 'More Often', 'Wrap When Full' is checked and the Track Log registered 21%. I only lost about two minutes on this journey before I realised and was able to switch the GPSr on again, but on other occasions it has been for much longer. It is somehat frustrating, because I do like to record my car journeys and walks, though I cannot remember whether this has happened while I have been walking, and so using the batteries only. Has anyone else had this issue and is there any solution?

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We have had our legend for about 3 years and it has started doing that ONCE in a while. We turn it back on and it is fine for a while and this is on the batteries. Since we have had it for 3 years and only paid 160.00 we figure we got our life out of this and will purchase another unit. I would buy the same one again but am thining of moving up a model. Anyway hope this helps sorry I do not know of a cure.


Happy traveling/caching

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