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Found a lost Geocache...near Sunbury

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Hi All,


I was out boating on Sunday, when I came across a floating, obviously lost Cache. Once recovered I opened it to find some paperwork titled "more coal posts" if anyone can help with this cache I would love to return it to its rightful owner/location...!!


Many thanks,



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There are quite a few coal post caches. Merstham Mafia has complied a useful list of them here. The list description says:


"A series of caches recognising approximately 200 surviving Coal Tax Posts and also a few which are no longer in existence. These posts are to be found in a ring around London at about fifteen miles from the City of London. They were erected under the London Coal and Wine Duties Continuance Act, 1861"


Was there a coal post number in the paperwork that might help to narrow it down?


ETA: AngelPick seems to have placed several of the coal post caches not far from Sunbury. It may be worth asking them if any are missing.

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Thanks all, I have resolved the mystery of the cache. It was coal post #97 belonging to Botogol, which was lost in action over one year ago, and has since been replaced with a new cache..!!! I found it floating down the River Thames....RIP ORIGINAL COAL POST #97....

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Golly, what are the odds of a cacher finding a long lost cache floating down a river? That's really something.


Did you log a Find on it? "TFTC. Coords a bit off."


No haven't logged, perhaps I should ;-) but I have contacted owner, and confirmed loss of cache a while back..!!!

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