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Lament from a tourist

Little owlet

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You're totally right...

I think mainly because the whole website is in english, I'm italian and I can tell you, english is not a really well known language unfortunately, so most of the people are scared of reading english websites. I volunteered to translate Geocaching.com to italian, I read they started the process of translating the website to other languages but italian wasn't included, I hope they'll accept my offer...I mean, I don't really want to "make them an offer they can't refuse" :-)

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hi there all,


There is a website:




When we travel to Italy we always go there and look up some caches! :-)


yup but the problem still remains :) geocaching-italia.com is nice because you can find ratings for geocaches, although there is a very nice Firefox addon called GCVote at http://www.gcvote.com that adds voting capabilities to geocaching.com.

There are still very few caches in Italy, I guess more people will get involved into geocaching as soon as the website gets translated to italian (work in progress).

Another problem for tourists is that often cache descriptions are italian only, I always (well I only own 3 caches actually...) put both italian and english description on my caches and also when I log other caches, I always write the log in two languages so that everybody can read the log easily.

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Glad to find some English. We are going to Lake Garda (North end)at Christmas 2010 and hoped to do some Geocaching. If someone could give me one cache name or code then I could search for some more nearest caches. Thanks


Go to this page http://www.geocaching.com/seek/default.aspx


In the address box type in Lake Garda Italy... "Go"


e là sono!


That gives you a list to work from. :blink:



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Hi Cushag,


if you want, we can also insert in our caches a description in english...

But i dont know where we have german/italian/english descriptions.


Here in the north of Italy (South Tyrol and Trentino) we have a lot of german tourists, so the caches often are in more languages.



Sabine from Kingfisherteam

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Geocaching is not well known in Italy, and English is neither, so you can easily find the answer to your question. Anyway, I'm doing my best to make it known to other people!

It's really a shame, I think, but with some work we will hopefully have more caches in our country!

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Siete perfettamente ragione, non ci sono le cache molti in Italia. Ho deciso di inserire una cache mentre ero in vacanza in Italia (si veda questo post del forum). I recensori hanno chiesto che io do loro una persona che farà di mantenimento per me. Qualcuno può aiutarmi a aumentare il numero di cache in Italia?


Grazie in anticipo!

(tradotto con google...)


You are exactly right, there are not many caches in Italy. I decided to place a cache while I was in Italy on holiday (see this forum post). The reviewers requested that I give them a person who will do maintenance for me. Can anyone help me increasing the number of caches in Italy?


Thank you in advance!

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