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Need a budget GPSr to compliment our Nuvi 255w

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My wife and I have been caching fairly successfully with out Nuvi 255w.

The only problem we run into is going into thick forests and such... it gets pretty silly.


The way I see it, I can upgrade to premium, get GSAK and use our Nuvi and ipod to do most of the paperless stuff some of the fancy units do.

Mainly we need something that works well on trails.


Problem is, my wife is really cheap and part of what we enjoy about the hobby is that it can be done cheaply. I know we should spend more, but its just not that high up on our priority list right now.


So, lets say I have access to paperless caching and a good road unit and only $200 (but hopefully less!!!) on a trail GPS... whats the best way to go?

Accuracy in the woods and maybe somewhat detailedmaps are most important to us. My wife definitely would like a compas overlay (not a digital compass per se)


The Delorme pn-20 or PN-30 seem promising. Can I get away with the 20? What are the differences?

Any other budget GPS that I should be aware of?


Thanks in advance and I'm sorry if this gets asked a lot.


EDIT: Bonus points if I can buy it on BestBuy.com or its under $150

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I would look on eBay for a Garmin Etrex Legend or Vista HCx. You can get them for around $200.00 if you watch. Either one of them should do very well.


Here is a Garmin Etrex Legend HCx. Garmin Etrex Legend HCx


Here is a Garmin Etrex Vista HCx. Garmin Etrex Vista HCx


I'd go here before eBay: at least you get a warranty... refurbished or not, these units are good as new.




The Vista HCx can be found at DirectGPS for $194, but if the budget is tight I'd get something like the Legend Cx for $119.


Also, the Delorme PN-20/Topo 8 bundle is only $109. That's pretty sweet.

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The way I see it, I can upgrade to premium, get GSAK and use our Nuvi and ipod to do most of the paperless stuff some of the fancy units do.

You've already got a good road nav unit in the 255w. By avoiding the extra expense of a handheld that does road nav (and the cost of the maps that come with it), you can save quite a bit. Any of the "high sensitivity" eTrex line without road nav will suit your needs well. As per above, consider a refurbished unit from a GOOD vendor - such units will have been factory refurb'd by Garmin, not dusted off and reshipped by some fly-by-night outfit, and will come with a Garmin warranty.


The eTrex Vista and Legend series, good as they are, come with a higher price for the road-routing you don't need. You should probably be looking for a good deal on a Venture HC. These can be had NEW for less than your budget calls for. I've got a personal preference for having the electronic compass as one of the features on my handhelds, and would probably try to find a good refurb'd Summit HC. You can get that unit here for $129 with a one year warranty: http://www.gpscentral.com/product/garmin-etrex-summit-noh

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If you're asking for a road unit too, I don't think the eTrex fits the bill. You'd have to add City Navigator to it... more $.


I'd suggest looking at the nuvi 500 or just add some free topo maps from http://gpsfiledepot.com to your 255W.

I need to check out that link thanks!

I definitely think I'm covered on the road GPS front with my nuvi.

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pn 20 for $109 seems pretty good if its comperable with its younger brothers.

What are the cons of that unit? What features does it lack?

I'm not clear on what makes it more primitive than the newer units... Is it not high sensitivity?

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