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Solar Storms and Poor GPS results today?

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On Wednesday the 29th I was using a Trimble 5800 Receiver to finish tieing some section corners, set 3 aliquot land corners and then do a small 10 acre topo map. This RTK receiver is one of the newest survey grade receivers out on the market right now. It was running great in the morning, but around 1PM I had 8 satellites all fixed on the L2 frequency and a good configuration; I could not get the unit to initialize(which means it can not work out the amiquities to get down to survey grade accuracies). I had a known point in the field and forced initialization which did work, but the unit lost init within seconds. Normally with the circumstances involved I would have init within 10-20 seconds. As I watched the satellites being tracked, they would go up to 8 and down to 3, continuously going up and down. I was in a place where obstructions such as trees and mountains would not have been causing this. I had work to do and so I used a total station to finish out the day. I did leave my GPS running and checked on it later and it was still having proplems. So I did figure that the Solar storm was actually affecting my GPS.

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It may only get worse. Today the GOES-12 satellite recorded the most intense flare ever measured and simply went past the max measuring capability.


The associated solar radiation storm is following.


Cheers, Kerry.


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