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Quick one about BM Finds

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I'm confused if it is OK or standard practice to log a BM that someone else has already logged. I noticed that there is a BM at the school I go to and thought it would be a good one to start with, however someone found it about 6 months ago (as with most in this area)Are BMs a one time find?




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It is not unusual to have multiple postings, both on markers that have been found, and on misses. One reason for this is that you may know something about the mark that the person before you does not know. You may want to post a clearer picture, or you may want to confirm that you made a best effort to find the mark and were not able to either.


It is also not unusual to find that a mark contains several components. One PID may include a transit station, a couple of reference marks, and an azimuth mark. Or more components. If you find the transit station, but decide not to go after the remaining marks, someone coming along after you may decide to take a couple extra hours to locate the rest of the markers.


Personally one of the things I like to do is read about personal observations about the mark. You may have chosen a day with bad weather, or decided to trudge out in some snow, and found marks that would have otherwise been no adventure at all. Or you may decide to see if there are any marks that might be interesting on a trip you are taking. I don't think that the fact that someone else has found the mark should in any way disuade you.



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Originally posted by Cape Cod Cacher:

I have a couple 'founds' that don't show up on the lists, gives a 'last found' and 'user found', but bumped me off the lists. Any input? The skulls are a drag too...


Examples, examples. Give us a PID and tell us what list they aren't on.

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OK, Cape Cod Cacher, I'm convinced there is something wrong here.


Going straight in to LW3931 looks OK, but when I check your list of finds (409...oh my!) and WaldenRun, I see duplicate entries and incorrect information (such as the last found date that you list being earlier than the user found date.)


Sounds like a job for the data base guy, whoever that is.

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