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DISlike the LIKE!


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Not sure what prompted someone (GC?) to add the LIKE feature to the website BUT I DIS-LIKE. If you say you like a listing, rather then posting your HANDLE that you are the one who likes it, it lists your REAL and FULL name as the person who likes it. Now maybe it's just me but I have the handle infiniteMPG on GC and everyone else has handles, too. There are some people I am sure that don't want their FULL NAME plastered on webpages.


Can we change that to post that <HANDLE> likes the cache rather then <REAL NAME> likes it?


If not then dump the handles and we'll all just be ourselves and forget the GC handles... :blink:

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if someone is not FB at all and has no access to FB

he or she can say bye bye to Geocaching because the Like it button opens as an FB plug-in

Example I cannot open the lost and find page because it has following URL



it is bad news for all who don't have and want an FB account!!!!

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