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Need help submerging cache!

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So, I live in Baltimore and I have created a cache that is submerged under the water. I bought and otterbox 9000 as the cache container. Within a month, the locking clasp is broken and unable to keep the container shut underwater. I am looking for a suitable replacement. I need something about the same size (about 1/2 the size of a shoe box) but has a more secure/reliable locking feature. Can someone help a brother out who has hidden something similar?

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Having troubles getting your cache submerged?

Just hide one in Florida during hurricane season (June 1 - Nov 30) and mother nature will take care of that for you! :)


I'll also vote for the ammo can suggestion. I have found a few that were submerged for significant periods of time and they had remained dry inside.

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Before you buy something new, I would contact Otter Box customer support and let them know about your problem. I have an Otter Box cell phone case and they have replaced the belt clip TWICE with no questions asked. The first time, the clip breaking was clearly MY fault; but they sent me a new one anyway.


As a side note, I would strongly recommend the Otter Box cell phone cases to my fellow cachers. I've been out caching in the rain, but my iPhone stays clean an dry in the Otter Box.

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The only time I have had trouble with otterboxes is when you get something caught in the seal - like a ziplock bag.


Is the clasp broken because of rough treatment? Assuming its submergence requires rocks piled on top, it is possible someone knocked the clasp in just the wrong way. I agree with palmerra, call otterbox customer support, and explain the usage and the possible hazards. Who knows, they might decide to produce an otterbox that is perfect for a geocache, and solves all our problems.


We can only hope.

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