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Question about language settings


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The new translated pages are a great start towards making the site fully international!


I have a question about the two way to set the language, which are:

1. In your account settings, choose the language from the dropdown list.

2. In the obscure corner at the bottom of most pages, there's a "Language" link.


When I use the second option (for French), from that point on, the items which are available in French are displayed in French, as I move from page to page. But when I look in my account settings, it still says "English".


Can I assume that clicking on the "Language" link sets the language for the rest of the "session"? If so, what's the scope of a "session"? (I can imagine some people coming in here in a couple of weeks and saying "how can I get my language choice to stick", because they haven't found the "account" setting.)

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