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TAHA 4 Scafell Pike Night

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Reminder for those interested in the challenge of night navigation in the mountains this event being held through Saturday night into Sunday morning 12/13 June is designed as a training event for the Welsh 3000s event published for 20 Aug. TAHA 4 is a 19 mile circular route over Scafell Pike (977m) and High Raise (762m) stepping off no later than 2200hrs!


But also a reminder that you only have to walk as far as from your car across the car park to the assembled walking group to sign the log book and subsequently log your attendance for the event! If you're planning to be in the area please contact the organisor through the event listing to register your interest. The log book will be available from a good hour or so at the start, at the finish back at the same location and every where in between on the route!


If you've not already registered your interest and would like to participate in the walk please contact the organisor soonest through the event listing providing a valid email address to which the electronic planning files can be sent including pace notes, waypoints and maps. Thanks to all those who have already registered their interest.

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Having climbed Scafell Pike in the middle of the night last July for my Three Peaks Geochallenge event I know you're in for an amazing time! Sadly I can't get to the area while this is on but I hope you have a great, safe night. I'd link to the page but GC.com is GC.gone at the moment...


Edit: It's now working again: The cache event in question

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