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Garmin Geko 201 port for USB to PC connection

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I've been looking at USB power and data transfer cables to connect a Garmin Geko 201 to a PC or netbook, but the cables all look like they have male to female "pins".


The port on the Geko has four flat round gold circles. Is that the way it should be?


Is this the correct cable or am I supposed to hardwire something first?


If the above cable is not right, what cable can I use to connect the geko to the PC?




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A Geko 201 is serial, not USB. To connect it to a USB port, you would need Garmin PN 010-10206-00 AND Garmin PN 010-10310-00. Nope, it's not cheap. The second cable could be replaced by a serial to USB adaptor.


Unfortunately there is no single solution to the problem.


1) Garmin PN 010-10206-00


PC Interface Cable (RS232 Serial Port Connector) $38

Should be available second hand.


2) PN 010-10310-00


USB to RS232 converter cable from garmin: $60

USB to RS232 converter noname starting at $10.

I got a noname adapter a few years back - it is still working.

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