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Every once in a while I get that log that really reminds me why I like to publish EarthCaches.



As a Southern California Native, and having lived in the Anza Borrego Desert for a few years, and even after having visited the Salton Sea many times, as well as the Sea of Cortez dozens of times throughout my life, even having flown over this area scores of times in small aircraft, I must admit that this cache opened up a treasure of revelations about the processes that have given form to my land. It made much of my understanding of regional natural history come together and make total sense to me.

If you were to take away all of my geocaches, and I could only have one, this is definitely the one I would keep...it has everything, geology, hydrology, tectonics, even anthropological aspects - not to mention a great view! If the reader is considering going for this one, I highly encourage you to not hesitate at all.

Huge Kudos to Fossillady for sharing with us this wonderful educational experience. I will be looking for her other hides.

Forever grateful,





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Wow! That was really nice! So has this inspired the EC Master of the Universe to publish another EarthCache ?? :laughing:


it has inspired me.... :)

If it would just inspire the US NPS and Forest Service. I've got 20 or so waiting for approval. Some for the past 2 years.

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