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Garmin Oregon 200 and TOPO Canada maps

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I have been geocaching without a GPSr for about 3 years. Last week after several DNFs I decided it was time and bought an Oregon 200 with TOPO Canada.

It seems that the mapping is not loaded on the GPSr. It came on a separate cd and I have installed on my computer. I just don't know how to load it onto the GPSr. Right now when we use the GPSr it only shows our location, the cache's location but no terrain details.

Am I missing something?


Any help is appreciated,



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Sound like only the basemap is on your gps.Are you using Mapsource or Basecamp with your Topo Canada and did you actually see a screen where it loads the maps onto your unit.Also maps that are on your gps can be turned on/off as well,but when first loaded they should be on.If you were using mapsource ,zoom out to see a large area,make sure you have selected the map selection tool on the upper bar it looks like a trapazoid and is right beside the gps send /recieve symbols.Basically outline all the maps you while pressing the left mouse button .When you release the mouse button you will see all your selected maps on the left margin.Now with you gps plugged into your usb port select send to gps on the top bar beside the map selection tool.You can select maps from other loaded dvds as well,but you need to select everything you want before you send it to the gps because it rewrites over existing data on the chip.I Havent used basecamp to load maps yet so someone else will hopefully explain that for you ,goodluck.

There ya go a tutorial

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