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Visiting Peak District, Brecon Beacon and Surrey

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Hello UK Cachers,


We are a family of cachers from Hong Kong and we have booked a 3 week trip to the UK this year in August. We are planning on doing a lot of caching during our visit and could use some recomendations.


We will stay 1 week in the Peak District, near Buxton.

We will stay 1 week in Surrey, near Guildford

We will stay 1 week in Brecon Beacon, near Abergavenny


Our family would ideally like to go out for the day and walk between 10-15km and try not to climb much more than 400-500m. We would really enjoy circular walks where we could pick off 5-10 caches during our walks.

Spooky and old structures and caves are a bonus. We would prefer to avoid any nano's along the way as the kids do enjoy trading swag.


I'm hoping that there are some bookmark lists of memorable walks/caches for the regions I've mentioned above. Barring that, I'd be happy with general recommendations of favorite caches or circular walks in the 3 areas.


Any pointers you may be able to provide would be appreciated.


TonyB and Family

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I love the Peak District & Brecon Beacons but live in Surrey. For fairly easy walking and some fun caches I would suggest Park for Ockham Common 1 (GC1V9PH) and if you have more time cross the footbridge and do the Wisley Wander starting at Wisley wander 10 (GC1Z9M3). Or visit the RHS gardens at Wisley and do some from there. Hope this helps.



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Depending on how far you're willing to travel from your bases, it's not a huge distance from Guildford to the WWSW series (they're slightly off the M3, whereas Guildford is on the A3 - if you look at Google Maps you'll see what I mean).


The walk for WWSW is shorter than 10k and it takes in some 25-odd caches. A few are micros and a few are larger. As long as the area is open (sometimes it's closed for firing or other military exercises) it's a nice walk with a couple of pubs along the way where you can stop for food or drink.

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Brecon Beacons caches, lots of lovely caches in the area, some involve a serious amount of exercise.


Good Series of 7 caches around Llangattock Escarpement near Crickhowell, some homework needed for this one ~ Llangattock Cave Entrances: Hard Rock Cafe by TerminalSump (GC12A1M)


We have a Series based around Llangorse Lake, visit 5 Churches, ends in Llangorse, pub nearby. Around Llyn Safaddan 1 – Bwlch by Write and Mane (GC1E0HE)


GC2BA 'The First in Wales' placed by The Gecko's, well worth a visit, if you want an ancient cache.


If you need any further help send us a message. When are you in Wales?

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My Fave in Surrey is LQ Surrey (GC162DT). There are some other interesting caches fairly close by too - I always fancied trying GC11WMT which is nearby (but have not quite gotten around to it).


There is a nice cave type thing at St Catherines Hill (not one you can go into though). There is a cache there: GCZJJJ St Catherine Tate (another one I keep meaning to do...).


That said, LQ Surrey and St Catherines hill might be a bit on the hilly side....


If you can travel a bit further north in Surrey, some of the ones on the bank of the Thames are really good, and the Staines Moor series (GC1P9GX onwards) is a fave too.

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