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Geocoin Madness NOW AVAILABLE at GeocoinDesign.com!


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And I think that earthcache.org requires a royalty for their icon use.

I can verify this.

I don't have a problem with that, neither should you.



I am working on a coin that features the earthcache logo and was told by both ground speak and earthcache.org that I could not use unless I paid a royalty fee and that was only after some discussion. Up to you how you want to handle it.



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Congratulations on finishing these. It is pretty small to read, but is there still an error with 1st, 2nd, 3rd? It looks like they all still say 1st, 2st, 3st.

Hopefully it's just my bad eyesight!!

That's what I read too... 1st, 2st,3st.... oops! :laughing:


It does indeed.. but it's so minute and not alot I can do about it now... I guess Nikos will enjoy this one... its one of those things!


The coins are beautiful in any case :shocked:

I'm really happy with them!


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