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Hi! I went to a travel bug hotel by the airport in Bergen, Norway to drop off a geocoin. I discovered a travel bug, and I took it with me. It turns out not to be an ordinary TB. It's a GeoKret, and can be tracked at the Polish site www.geokrety.org. I entered the reference number, and found the trackable called Jerzy Dudek (GK1858). According to the site, this GeoKret is outside Gdansk, Poland. The problem is that it's not possible to log this GeoKret. I only get the message "GeoKret not found" when I try to log it. I don't see any way to contact the owner of the GeoKret either.


The forum on the geokrety site is in Polish, so I can't ask for help there. Could any of you guys help me out here, so I could get this scary little dino goalie back on the right track?

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Two posibilities :)




When u try to log geokret u have to type Tracking Code not Reference number which is GK1858. Tracking code should be also with Geokret




You made mistake when u tried to type tracking code. (for example zero often looks like letter 'o' )


Also if owner typed tracking code on Geokret by pen J can be I :( or V can be Y. Try it.


And if u didnt took that GK from Gdansk first log "I've met geokret" and put GC code and coords of geocache where you found it.

And then log "I've grabbed GK".

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Thanks a lot!


I believe the first solution is the correct one. I entered the reference number (which is also 6 digits) when I tried to log . I'll have to look for the tracking code when I get back home. I bet it's there. :)


Then I'll fins a nice cache for it somewhere. =)

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