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Am I right to claim this one?

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I was doing some hunting along Washington's waterfront yesterday and think I found HV2012. I say think because there are a couple of anomalies that I describe in my log note. I would appreciate the opinion of my colleagues on this. If the consensus is that it's a stretch, I'll change my 'found' to 'note.' Thank you.

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I would guess this may be one of those relatively few markers that was reset in place, since the description says it was in a wall and it is now in a walk, probably built on top of the old wall since 1926. It may or may not be the original disk, probably not, since it does not have the same stamping as its brethren. Its possible the original is still in the wall below the walk, but it was probably removed. Local surveyors, particularly the old timers, may have specific knowledge of its history.

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I think you got it.

a. The designation is dead on. That's important.

b. I take "CENTER OF THE TOP OF THE SEAWALL" to be right where it is. The wall is there and the disk is in the center of it.

c. I can't tell from the picture but does the concrete extend all the way to the edge of the seawall? If so, then it covers the top of the seawall. It is possible that the disk and the sidewalk were done at roughly the same time 76 years ago.

d. Coords are dead on.

The only things that are questionable in my mind are the reference to the golf-fieldhouse (but I don't have enough info to evaluate) and the discrepency between benchmark/survey disk. But, I think you got it.

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I would have to say you found it too.


When you're looking for these benchmarks, you have to keep in mind that the history that you are reading to help locate the mark is just that - a history. The date of the history is a big clue in the search. In 1926 there probably was a golf fieldhouse out there, and the seawall may have been the prominent feature. The sidwalk may have been added at a later date.


The sidwalk/seawall structure in the picture looked very similar to the way a sidewalk is constructed with a curb against the road. One could argue that a brasscap on top of a curb alongside a sidwalk is both in the sidwalk or on the curb. I would accept the description that the cap you found is on top of the seawall.


As far as a difference between a survey disk and a benchmark: the terms can be and are (sometimes wrongly) used interchangably. What you found was definately a disk designed for surveying, being used as a benchmark. However, not all benchmarks are disks. I've seen chiseled squares and crosses in concrete, capped iron pipes, and even a railroad rail buried vertically used as benchmarks. The term 'survey disk' describes what it is. 'Benchmark' describes what it's for.


Keep on Caching!

- Kewaneh

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