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US power squadron

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These folks have been mentioned before.

There is a thread you can search out, but in a nutshell (as I understand it), this is a group of boat owners that recover BMs as a service (perhaps hobby?). I see their reports on BMs out in Arizona... had me going for a while until I saw the thread. I still can't figure out what a boat owner would be doing out here...


I think the picture put forward was the Cap'n of Simpson's fame standing over a benchmark...



is their web-page

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I've noted this too.


Google returns http://www.usps.org/ and describes the group as "The world's largest non-profit boating organization, stressing community service."


Maybe tracking down survey marks is their idea of community service. Their web site did not come up this afternoon, and I don't know what power boating would have to do with surveying and geodetics, so maybe this is an entirely different group.

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