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Danger Will Robinson

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That little "must read" notice is quite accurate, and you really should read it! I was looking for a chiseled square and a copper bolt today along an abandoned railroad (now the Genesee Valley Greenway) this afternoon. They were described to be on a stone culvert under the tracks, etc. etc. Turns out that part of the culvert had washed out (eliminating the bolt, but not the square..) a while ago. The wash out created a really big sink hole that was *right* beside the path, and completely obscured by grass. I stepped off the path, took one step, and fell right in. I caught myself on the way down with my arms (dumb luck) and got out the easy way. I measured afterwards and the hole was over 8 feet deep! I'm fine, just got rather dirty. But, really, be careful. The controls that seem like they're "right there" just like the others I've found aren't always "right there"!!

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Thats right, there are a lot of booby traps out there. Its always a good idea to tell someone where you are going and when you intend to be back. Railroad right-of-way is not public right-of-way and the railroads have been known to prosecute trespassers. Its also a good idea to wear snake leggings in such areas this time of year.

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