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Hi, my wife and i are looking for our 1st gps, we have used the Nokia N95 until now, but now want something more specialised, we are still confused about 'geocache friendly' gps :) , but anything would be great to start with, so mail or post WHY, many thanks.

most "geocache friendly" means that it has a separate waypoint category specifically for geocaching. It makes it easy to plug your gps to your pc and hit that "send to gps" button to put the cache infor, including it's GC code, name, type of cache, coords and owners name directly into your gps into the geocaching category. ALso it allows you to click "found" on the gps itself when you found the cache and that way the icon of the waypoint chages and it takes it out of teh geocaches category and puts it into waypoints - this makes it easier for you to view only the caches that you're yet to find. Our eTrex Venure HC seems to do pretty decent job for the buck. ALso if getting a new gps - try to get High sensitivity receiver - make a world of difference in the thick summer woods.

I'm sure i haven't listed all the "geocache Friendly" features so all feel free to add stuff.

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If you have not got one I have a garmin 550T for sale I was going to try and go Geocache but I Am in to much pain to do and can not walk very far so I need to sell then for what I payed 550.00 get every thing that come with it plus two holder that fit and hold then.my name steve and I have sold thing on here and eBay.

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There are a lot of almost new Garmin 60CSX GPSrs for sale on this forum. I don't have one of these but I wish I had chosen it when I first started caching. I've noticed that most of the successful cachers that I know have owned one of them at some point, and, even if they have moved on they retain it as a backup.


I've borrowed one and found it to be rock solid and consistently accurate.

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