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dancing with passion - dancing couple geocoin

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the dancing couple geocoin is now available, thx to Pete for his help.


The coin has a pure modern design, with a stylized raised figure of a dancing couple on the front and the phrase simplicity is the ultimate sophistication from Leonardo da Vinci on the back. The phrase is the maintheme of the coin.


the versions are:

nickel (XLE) 50pcs limited (top left)

black nickel (top right)

antique nickel (bottom left)

antique bronze (bottom right)

size 1.75'' (45mm) 3,75mm thick, trackable on gc.com with a custom icon

the price for forum users is 8 EUR (for one), 30 EUR set (set contains 4 Coins:1x antique bronze, 1x antique, nickel, 1x black nickel,1x nickel (XLE)

payment: PayPal payments or if you live within the Euro Zone, SEPA bank transfer in EUR is preferred (you have to use IBAN and BIC).

If you are interested, please contact me over pm and I will calculate the shipping costs for your country. f.y.i.: shipping only with registered mail. The coin is based in Germany.





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Thanks for your positive feedback, the first orders will be sent to you tomorrow (friday). In Germany it's 11pm, I am going to to hit the pillow and will reply to your mails tomorrow. gn8

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I really want to get a copie of this geocoin! Is it still possible?!?


Thanks a lot!

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