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What is a turning point?

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Last night I went searching for benchmark AG9974. When I got to the spot where the benchmark is/was located I started to read the sheet about the benchmark which says that I was looking for a Turning Point Center. I think this is a building because it says center. There was an old looking building in the spot but I am not sure if it was a Tunring Point Center. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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A turning point is can be any point used in the course of a survey. It usually denotes a point on which an elevation was established in the course of the work. For example, if you and I set out to transfer an existing known elevation from a benchmark to a construction site using a level and a level rod, we would create several turning points along the way, at each spot where the level rod was placed as we moved along toward our destination. The word "turn" is used because the operator of the level reads the rod as it is held on one point, then moves ahead, sets up the level again, turns and looks back to take another reading on the rod. Then the rod operator moves ahead to the next turning point and the process is repeated. I do not think the use of the phrase "turning point" has any special significance here, since all benchmarks are also turning points.

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