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Making a Log Cache.

Darren V

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I made one that I haven't placed yet.... Used a Dremmel to score deep lines, then a chisel and hammer to knock out chunks. After that, used Dremmel again to even out the inside.


Edit: I'm not sure if this is the easiest way to do it though, and I'm also not certain how long it will hold up once it's placed...

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I started with a cylindrical container (a wide-mouth 1-quart water bottle). Then I cut a slice from a log that was the same diameter as the water bottle and secured it to the bottom of the bottle. Then I glued bark to the outside of the bottle and log slice. When the glue (actually, indoor-outdoor adhesive caulk) finished curing, I trimmed the bark at the ends. At the bottom, I trimmed it even with the log slice. At the top, I trimmed it so it didn't interfere with the opening/closing the lid.

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Depends on your container.


Found one, and ammo can in a log, that the hole had to be outlined, then chiseled out until the can could fit.


Found another that had a jar fitted into the end of a log. This can be done by using a hole cutting bit (for door locks) in a circle, then the middle. Then chisel out the remainder.

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