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Farewell to my coin collection


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Unfortunately, over the past year, things have been a little rough for me. I am no longer with Mr. Pixieslayer and as a stay at home mom, I am finding it a little rough getting back on my feet. Things are starting to look up since I did finally find a job in this economy, but it will be a little rough for this month, so I am selling several coins from my collection. If you want a picture of a coin, please let me know and I will post one. Shipping is $1.25 for single coins ($.50 per coin between 2-4) and 4.95 for 5 or more coins. If you are buying a large number of coins, I will have to see how many can be safely packed in the small flat rate boxes and let you know how much it will cost. I will keep this list updated and will be adding more in the coming days.


Activated Coins: ($10 each unless otherwise noted)

Black Nickel Team Sand Dollar 2007

Gold Team Sand Dollar 2006

Crake 2006 Suncatcher Purple

Crake 2006 Suncatcher Red

GeoSwag Coin Club April 2007 Flower shaped map

GeoSwag Coin Club March 2007 Lucky Caches (Looks like a Lucky Charms cereal box)

GeoSwag Coin Club February 2007 For the Love of Caching - Pink Glitter

GeoSwag Coin Club Jan 2007 "Doing the winter FTF dance"

GeoSwag Coin Club Dec 2006 Blue Glitter snow flake ornament with hole to hang on tree

GeoSwag Coin Club November 2006 "Caching in the Leaves"

GeoSwag Coin Club October 2006 "Night Caching" glow in the dark

Black Nickel Night Cachers coin "When the sun goes down, the hunt goes on"


Unactivated Coins: ($10 each unless otherwise noted)

Crake Mimbres (Purple, Black and White, Brass)

Geocaching - You are the search engine (2)

Key to the Cache 2008

Dawn of the Fairy (Gold)

Lilly Sue Celtic Star (Antique Silver) (2)

Blue GPS Charm

Queen of Caching

Japan Summer

Year of the Ox (Blue, silver)

Year of the Ox (Green, Copper)

Unite for Tank

GeoRendezvous 2007

Geocoinfest Multi 2007

GW6 Evil Micro ($5)

Christmas Nutcracker

Virtual Glow in the Dark icon ($5)

Virtual Icon ($5)

Black Magnetic Hide a key type micro coin $5

Letterbox icon ($5)

All Season Caching Spring

All Season Caching Summer

All Season Caching Fall

366 Days of caching

Caching in the Holidays

Iowa 2007 (Copper)

DNF frownie (black nickel) ($5)

Wisconsin 2008 (shaped like a cow)

Geocaching Police Squad 2007 ($8)

Persistence of Caching

Matroyshka Dolls (Russian Nesting dolls) - $25

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