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Iphone, Tomtom & POIs for offline geocaching

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Dear all,


I browsed various topics already in the GPS section, the Iphone section and as well google searches.


Can someone absolutely positively confirm that it is currently not possible to save Cache-POI (e.g. from GSAK) on my TomTom Navigator on the Iphone? :P


I just want to make sure that I do not have to look any further and might need to buy/rent a outdoor gps just for my holidays (issue: preventing roaming costs on the iphone).... :cry:


Downloading all the maps/pictures individually throught the GC-app is unfortunately no option with approx. 200 caches in focus (unless you know a better solution).



Best regards



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I do not know about Tom Tom. There are apps like Gaia-Gps that will load gpx files into offline maps. Geosphere will handle pqs very well and you can link individual caches into offmap and other apps. But a handheld gpsr makes it easy with the right maps.

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I am interested in doing this also.


I want to load all Geocache data into my iPhone TomTom App, so that it can notify me whenever I am near one.


Am currently looking for a solution. Will contact you if I find something solid.


The file is only 29mb, but so far all of the GPS data converting software packages I have tried complain that the file is either too large, or incorrectly formatted.


When I find one that works with large files, I should be able to convert all the world Geocache data from Geocaching.com into a POI, OV2 or ITN file, fit for use in any TomTom software - apparently including the iPhone App.


danboss - can you tell me what (how much) Geocaching data you have in GSAK and what the file size is if you export it to GPX, or possibly one of the other formats I have mentioned?

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Hmm I am not sure about this but very interested. I'll do some digging and see if you can load POI files into the TomTom app. I'm not sure if you can or not


Found a lot of info like this, I think its possible. I'm going to try loading a PQ once I get off work. Mods if these links aren't appropriate feel free to delete, I looked and didn't see anything against the rules about it though.





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