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So after I find them and log them here, I log them at ngs???

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Am I correct in that after I locate benchmarks and log them here, I should then go to http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/FORMS_PROCESSING-cgi-bin/recvy_entry_www.prl and log them there as well?


Then what happens? Can I eventually see that I logged them with the government, and then see that I have done a good service for someone and/or the agency?


This is very unclear, and that ngs website is a navigation nightmare. Moreover the faq states nothing about logging them once you find them.


Part of the enjoyment for me is knowing that my finding and photographing these things is helping someone or saving tax dollars or whatever. But the ngs website and the complicated over my head faq make it all very confusing.





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I recently found my first Benchmark (my3792) and after posting the find on Geocaching.com, I filled out the recovery form you referenced on the NGS page. I read somewhere that they don't need a recovery form if the benchmark has been found recently, but if it's been a while, it's nice to drop them a quick note. Note that the guidelines for photographing these things are kind of strict, so if you haven't read and followed them, your photos probably won't work for them.



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