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We can't find it

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A year ago we attempted a complicated Lord of The Rings multi cache @ Presque Isle State Park in Erie,Pa due to mosquito's and ticks we had to abandon it for the year and now we can't find the listing on Geocaching.com to attempt to start our search over again. Does anyone know what happened to it?

Thanks in advance

EC :rolleyes:

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If you are looking for specifics, it may be best to post in a local/regional forum.


From some quick research and surmising:


It looks like all the caches in the said park on that island have a "DCNR" seal of approval


A google search with the terms "DCNR" and "geocaching" led me to a specific page within a few clicks!


Maybe it fell obviously foul of one of the DCNR requirements. Maybe the Park Manager for that park can tell you. Since the PA state goverment knows about and allows caching, it'll be easier for yor to ask!


Hope that helps!

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if you can't find it on GC.com the most likely reason is that it has been archived


its always a good idea to put the caches you're interested in on your watchlist, that way you get an email when a log is posted on the cache page, including archive logs


EDIT: Eagle and the nuts just confirmed it

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