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what datum

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ok, lets say i bring my gps on the benchmark hunt and want to try and take some reliable measurement of where the disc actually is. What datum should it be recorded in or does it matter. i am asking because even after reading books like "be expert with (fill in item)", i am still only just adequate. thanks



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Hello everyone, Im here to promote, and to thank you for, your interest in Land Surveying.


Handheld GPS devices are not precise enough to determine exact coordinates for survey markers. They may help you find the point, but they cannot positively detect whether the marker is still in its original position or whether it has been disturbed. Should you find a marker that appears to have been recently damaged, please contact the agency identified on the cap or your local surveyor.


For further information on Land Surveying, please feel free to visit us at rpls.com and ask any questions you may have.

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