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USGS BM not in the NGS database

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I stumbled across one of these today while searching for a nearby marker. On the upper half of the marker it has "PRIM" and "TRAN" stamped and across the lower half it has "STA" and "N016" stamped. Not finding this in the NGS database I'm curious about what sort of marker this is and what the stamped notations mean. I'd be grateful for any help. Here is a picture ... Unknown USGS BM Marker




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I found this listed and perhaps the lettering was "PRIM" "TRAV" "STA" "NO16" indicating primary traverse station no. 16?! I still don't have any idea what a primary traverse station is though. Or if it is a primitive travel station what that might be?!


I agree it would be a great if we could log in some way markers without datasheets.

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I recently found a new horizontal control marker. I notified the state advisor and he congratulated me and said it probably wouldn't be in the database for a couple of years. This is an NGS marker but was set by the state dnr. He gave me no tech. data on it. Of course it has no PID,but I found a 4-char ID at the state FBN site.


I have info on its location and two photos. Can I post this info and pics here? And if so, how do I get the pics in here? This disk is located in a scenic area (easy to find) and I'm sure alot of people would like to see it.


Yes, this is copy and paste from a previous post, but I haven't gotten an answer. I do think there should be a way to enter this stuff somewhere.


This is from a post of Aug 13, 2002. It was suggested that I make a virtual cache. I did that, but haven't gotten a reply yet. I still haven't learned how to insert photos here as you've done. I suggest you contact the state advisor about your find.

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