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I don't get it...

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I found 3 caches today by the same CO that asked for "Quality cache items please trade with equal or better."; "Good quality trading items here. Please replace with similar to keep the quality up." But the containers were cheap, not the kind of containers that are watertight and would protect swag. One was an ice cream container, the thin plastic kind and it wasn't even camo'd. The interior of the container was wet. The other was a dollar store knock off lock n lock with 2 tabs broken off. The third, a cookie tin wrapped in camo tape, the interior was completely rusted - the contents were a mess. If COs want quality swag, it would be nice if they provide quality containers.

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Probably just ignorance and inexperience.


The cacher has been caching since 2005 and has hidden 18 caches. I checked the cacher's profile and their last login to the site was yesterday. So he/she is active and experienced.


Oh well, maybe they're just not getting the connection between quality swag and quality containers. People aren't going to put good items into a rusty, leaky, broken container.

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