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magellan sportrac map problem

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What I need is advice. What baud and nema settings do I need to update firmware?? The sportrac searches but will not lock on ,It keeps searching for an connection.I am using the serial to usb connection. Does aI ny one out there have an solution?? :)


I note the question is recent date.


I have two SporTrak and Magellan does not provide a software update and the units are now junk.


After many calls to them I finally found out they do not update the internal software and the units no longer work. They did offer me a trade in. I told them only an moron would trade one in for another Magellan since they do not feel they need to provide software to all the units to function anymore.

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Hope this does not result in a double post.


NEMA is for communicating with some serial devices. You should leave this at factory default.

Baud rate is typically 9600 baud for the SporTrak. Make sure all your software and gps are set to the speed.


I have tried the serial to USB connection cable with mixed results. ie Messing with device manager , cable settings and the GPS to finally get it working. The solution I use is a docking station hub with a serial port. The serial cable stays connected in the back and is ready whenever I need a serial connection. You can get them at Best Buy, etc. The extra powered USB ports allow you to charge some other devices while keeping the USB ports on the laptop free for working with other GPS's, etc.


If you still want to use the serial to USB cable check that you have the last Magellan update for the Spor Trak, all devices and software are set at 9600 Baud, leave NEMA alone. To get to device manager right click on My Computer and look for any Universal Serial Bus connections that show a yellow symbol w/ an exclamation mark. That means that your connection has a problem. If you click on it, it may take you through a series of steps to try and fix the connection.


Good luck


Peoria Bill

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After many calls to them I finally found out they do not update the internal software and the units no longer work.
This is only half (or maybe 5/8) true. Legacy Magellan units stil work, though some may no longer receive WAAS signals. There hasn't been any firmware updates for a number of years (and may or may not be available on M's website), but if you know where to look you can still find the legacy releases. You might even be able to find a patch for WAAS support in the Yahoo Magellan user groups.


And to answer the OP: Try 9600, 8n1 and turn NMEA output OFF when updating firmware. At least that's how I remember it.

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