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new to benchmark hunting

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Hello, I have found several U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S.G.S. benchmarks. How do I report these findings? Would it be sufficient to place a GPS unit next to the benchmark and take a picture with a digital camera? I'm new to all these geocaching/benchmark hunting activities, any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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This is a quote from that page.


What do I do when I find one?

If you have a digital camera, we ask that you take a picture of the disk, and several pictures of the area around the disk. You can even use a compass to mark your photo so people who see the benchmark can view the area from your point of view. Or just log your find for others to read. You do not take them. These markers are public property and are actively used in surveying.


Welcome and happy hunting!

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On the same page (above), simply enter the PID of the benchmark and it'll pop up that benchmarks page where you can log your find exactly as you do a geocache (Log this bencmark/upper right of page).


If you don't know the PID, you can do a radial search using your ZIP or local coordinates.



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I think the short answer is: no.


The NGS database, which is what appears to be the basis for the database on geocaching.com, represents only a fraction - possibly only a small fraction - of all the officiallly-placed survey markers out there. Many marks are placed by local and state authorities, other federal agencies, and special purpose entities (e.g. transit authorities) and are not in the NGS database.


Possibly some of these may be added to the geocaching.com site in the future.


In another thread, one contributor suggested a survey mark could be set up as a virtual cache. You might want to consider that

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