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ok,forgive all the questions but im kinda new at this techno stuff :rolleyes:

my question,i have all ready downloaded 1000 caches to my oregon 450t. They seem to cover about 70 miles in all directions. I am going on a trip that is 100 miles away.If i do a pocket query for that area and load it and some of the caches overlap will it put them on the unit twice or will it only load the ones that are not all ready on the unit?

Also,is it true the 450t will hold 5000 caches?

thanks for all yalls help

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I can't answer your question but wanted to give you a bit of advice: Make your title of your post more specific so that it draws attention. I'm the first to view your post, which is surrounded by other posts that have already been viewed several times. "Another Question" is too vague. Make it something like "Duplicate Caches on the 450t" and I guarantee you'll get some replies.

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How are you loading them to the GPS unit?


If you are copying the GPX file directly to the unit (which is by far the easiest method) then yes, you will have duplicates.




GC4.) How many geocaches can I load onto my Garmin Oregon?


The Oregon 300 and 400 support up to a maximum of 2000 geocaches (in addition to the 1000 waypoint limit). The Oregon 450 and 550 support up to 5000 geocaches. All Oregons support a maximum of 200 gpx files. If you exceed either the geocache limit or the file limit the Oregon will warn you. If you exceed either limit, caches will be omitted from your Geocache list and it is not predicable as to which caches will be dropped.

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Yesterday, I loaded a pocket query file with more than 900 caches into my 550t.


Not long after that, I received a notification that the coordinates had been changed for one of the caches in that GPX file.


Since I was planning to do some caching in that area that day, I used the "Send to GPS" feature on the cache Web page to load the new information into my unit, hoping the new information would override the old.


This resulted in there being two instances of this cache information, one in the pocket query result and one in a separate GPX file, loaded in the unit.


When I selected "Geocaches" then "Find a Geocache" to look at the list of caches on the unit, it appeared only once in the list, not twice. However, I would imagine that the extra instance counted toward the 5000-cache limit, since there was still one record in the pocket query file and another in a separate file, but I can't prove that.


Unfortunately, when I checked the details for that cache, the old coordinates, not the updated coordinates, were displayed. That surprised me a bit.


Bottom line, as far as I can determine: If you load a geocache into the unit twice, both records will be in the unit and count toward the maximum, but only one of them will appear when you look for caches. How it determines which of the duplicates to display is a mystery.



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