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A tip for lower Van Isle Cachers on caching supplies

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I got dragged with my muggle husband to BC assett recovery on Glanford Ave in Victoria yesterday.

Normally I freaking hate going to all of his little junk shops, as I would rather be out geocaching, but to my surprise, the store is a treasure trove of really cheap cache containers!

Seriously, metal amo boxes for $1. I picked up a tackle box type thing that must have been used by someone as a tool box, it was less than $1. I hear that lots of people are looking for places to get their hands on amo boxes and the like, well the BC government is willing to sell you their used ones at rock bottom prices!

(Also while we were there they were selling off all of the furnature and bedding from the olympic village, we are talking like $20 for a table and $30 for a queen size duvet.)

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