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ISAF/CA geocoin remint


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Hi everyone,


I'm in the preliminary stages of getting my very first coin made. I decided against making a personal coin and opted to get one made to celebrate and support the soldiers of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, with a focus on Canada's role.


I talked with a number of companies and have decided to go with Landsharkz. I've handed over my rough artwork (I used Illustrator, but it certainly ain't professional!) and have corresponded with them quite a bit. I needed to find out what was possible and what wasn't, and they were very patient and very helpful. Apparently you just can't put 42 flags on a single coin! Go figure! As some of you may have read in another thread, I also had to drop the idea of including the official ISAF logo, as NATO is rather keen on protecting their copyrights.


Anyway, I'm very excited by the whole process and can't wait to see the artwork created from my ideas, let alone the samples and the finished coins! I would very much like to have them in hand before the end of summer, as that is when my sister-in-law and her unit ships out for their third tour.




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I would just like to post an update on this project to let those who were interested know that it is not dead. It had been put on hold for awhile after the birth of our third child due to the resulting financial drain (eg diapers) and sleep deprivation. It is now back on track, but with a different vendor.


Paula and Jim of Geocoin Design have been working very hard with me (putting up with me! :ph34r: ) to make this coin a reality. Now that the GW6 rush is over, I hope to see a final blue print very soon. If all goes as planned, I should have the coins in hand by Canada Day!

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This coin has been a long time coming, but the final artwork has been completed and approved. The mint is working on the dies and samples should be shipped August 5th.




Once I have the samples and can post pics, I will be setting up a reservation page for this coin. There will be three finishes: one RE (125 coins) which may be reminted if there is enough demand, one LE (125 coins) with no remint, and one XLE (50 coins) with no remint. Finishes and price are yet to be determined.


I hope you like this coin! I'm still trying to come up with a name for it though. Some possibilities are:


Support our Troops

Help and Cooperation

ISAF - Canadian Troops

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Samples should be in today. They were supposed to be delivered yesterday, but the UPS driver (or whatever local courier has their contract) decided to slack off and just posted a 'recipient not at home' note in the delivery log. We were most definitely home, and didn't even get a note on the door saying they had made the attempt. I think I got some driver somewhere in trouble when I phoned UPS to complain.


Anyway! Coins should be delivered by 10:00 am today (although I won't see them until 5:00pm!) Then I get to pick which ones get the full treatment. I'm still planning on 300 total for this run, with 3 finishes.


And for anyone in the Halifax area this weekend, I'll be bringing the samples to Geo¢a$h IV (GC1E488).

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Hey everyone. In preparation for my first coin, I've built myself a website to show them off. It's quite sparse at the moment, but as I get more time I plan to add more info. And if things work out well, I might be able to add more coins too!


The link is:




At the moment, this is hosted on my home server so there is no 24/7 guarantee! If I lose power, the site goes down!


If this becomes an issue (of if my service provider starts asking question about my bandwidth usage) I'll look into finding a better home for it.


In the meantime, take a look and let me know what you think. Criticisms are just as welcome as praise!



Chuck (E&Cplus3)

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Got word tonight that the coins will be shipped tomorrow. I should have them by the end of the week!


The mint sent pics of the Antique Bronze XLE version and they look fantastic!



Antique Gold regular edition - 125 minted, with possibility of a remint



Antique Nickel limited edition - 125 minted, no remint



Antique Bronze xtra limited edition - 50 minted


...and the icon: coin_icon.gif

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The coins will go on sale on Wednesday, September 17th at noon AST.


The website for sales is:




The website is set up to take reservations for the coins. I will send paypal invoices via email in the order in which I receive the reservations. Coins will be shipped as soon as I receive payment.


If you have any questions, you can contact me at:




or through my personal account at:




Thanks for your interest!

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I know! :D


I just have a small web server with limited connections. Its getting swamped.


Just be patient and keep hitting the refresh button is all I can suggest.


Sorry for the inconvenience!




I received your e-mail about the problems and e-mail you back last night with all the info you needed. I see the order is still in the basket. Will I recieve a paypal invoice to pay for them?


I really want to complete my order and get the coins! :)

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Invoices for all orders will be sent out tonight. It figures that the day my coins went on sale, I was sent on a 'teambuilding retreat' that has taken up a lot more time than I expected!


The only exception on the invoices will be those that ordered the customized coins. Those obviously haven't been minted yet, and I will not be sending in an order until I have a reasonable number. You will be invoiced for the other coins, and they will be shipped upon receipt of payment.


If nothing else, the experience of selling my first coin has really taught me a lot! Especially about how to build (or not build) a shopping cart! :anibad: When I make my next coin (yeah, I'm thinking 'when' instead of 'if' now), I think I'll have the PAYPAL button right on the site.


A big thanks to everyone who has already purchased a coin, and an even bigger thanks for your patience!

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All orders whose payment has cleared are in the mail.


There is still one XLE left, and plenty of LE and RE coins!


I have also sent one LE coin to each of the organizers of events in Afghanistan in the coming months. I just hope they make it there in time for their respective dates... the Kabul event in October might be a little tight!

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Time for a cointest!


My father was in the navy for 33 years before retiring in 1995. During that time he logged nearly a quarter million nautical miles at sea, serving on six different ships.


I will be giving away six ISAF/CA geocoins -- one for each correct answer which will include the ship's name and hull number. There will be 2 RE, 2 LE, and 2 XLE coins awarded according to reverse chronological order (ie. if you guess the last ship, you get an RE. If you guess the first ship, you get an XLE)


As a bonus, I am giving away a set of 3 coins to the first person to post the Corp #, Name, and Location of my father's sea cadet squadron.



1. One post per half hour

2. Just one guess per post

3. Don't edit a post!

4. Just one coin per winner (unless you win the set)


Have fun with your research :ph34r: I'll look in from time to time to name winners and post hints if required.

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