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Tracking caches

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Your profile page lists all of the caches that you have found or DNF (Did Not Find) and logged online. Google maps will also show your found/logged caches as a smiley face. It will not show DNF faces.


I do not know what you mean by "viewed" cache. They can be found, not found (DNF) or simply not attempted.


Premium or basic membership matters not.

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Perhaps your question isn't getting through the way you intend it to. :)


If you have entered your home coordinates into the website, you can click the [GO] button just below the geocaching movie intro clip, it will bring up a Google Map of your home territory. You can zoom out or in, or pan to where ever you want. All of your found caches will show up as a smiley face. It will also show all unfound caches in that map area. Clicking on any of those icons will link to that cache page and you can open it from there.

That is the quickest way of locating a particular cache near you, or even far away if you know where the cache is located.


As far as bookmarking, read this: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?p...page&id=123

I do not know if bookmarking is PM or not.


From your profile page, I can see that you have one find, from yesterday. It will not show Did Not Finds (for anyone other than you, and that would be the total list from your private Profile page). Play around with your Profile pages, public and private.


Lots to learn on the website, clicking and playing around with everything is the best way to see what it will/will not do.

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There is a bookmark feature included with premium membership. Other than that the site doesn't offer any way to create 'lists' of caches for retrieval later.


Of course you could bookmark the cache pages in your browser (create a folder in your browser favorites folder, say 'Geocaches' then save the bookmarks there).

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