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Trackables and FTF etiquette

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I have a couple of questions regarding trackable and FTF etiquette



  1. If you take a trackable, should you have a trackable to trade with or can you leave general, nicer SWAG?
  2. If there are trackables, is it rude to take more than one? IOW, can you take a TB and a geocoin?


  1. If you are FTF on a nicer cache, do you generally only take 1 item so others have a chance at the original SWAG, or as long as you trade even or up, can you take a few things?


Thank you for your help!


PS (This is Cieloangel but I changed my user name to Team Who Dat)

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Agree with StarBrand, you're not compelled to leave anything for a TB or geocoin. I will generally not take multiple trackables, however, unless I know I can help them on their mission. If there is no indication of their mission, I'll generally only take one and do my best after checking the page at home.


As far as FTF's go, I see no issue with trading multiple items, as long as it's "even or up".


Welcome to the game!

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If you take a TB or Geocoin, please log it. One of my caches gets a lot of TB traffic and I am dumbfounded as to why folks won't log them. The TB owners want to know where it's going and so do those who are tracking their finds. If you don't wish to log them, please don't take them.

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