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We recently went to my hometown (30 minutes away) and visited a few caches. At one particular cache, i decided to drop two of the three coins i had in my inventory. Well ... last night i look in my swag bag (yep, you guessed it) and one of the coins are still in my bag. Now, this is all AFTER the fact that i signed the log and stated that i placed the coin into the cache.


It may be a week before i can get back to this cache. Should i edit my log (which still won't remedy the fact that the GEOCOIN portion of the site will still state that the coin is in the cache) or is there a way to fix this error?



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AND... if you wrote in the Physical logbook of the cache that you dropped a coin there.. I would post a note on the cache page stating the error so those writing a log after you will know about it so they don't state in their own log that there was no geocoin to be found there.



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