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Largest sculpture in the world


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By introduction, I am a professor of art at The University of Alabama. I started the largest sculpture in the world last summer and am looking for interested individuals to help me complete the project.


I am marking two intersecting lines around the world. The lines may be marked by building any kind of a monument, from a stack of stones to a mark on the earth to a pile of rubbish. You then need to photograph the marker, note the location and date and your name. Once this is done you send that information to me and I add your work and name to the list of contributors to this project.


The coordinates are 37degrees 22.386N and 106degrees 37.544W.


Should you be interested in contacting me directly for more conversation I can be found at wbaker@art.as.ua.edu


Thanks for your help and interst in my work.



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I built a fake waterfall last fall. It was a fun project. I collected rocks and washed them off with a hose. Dried them naturally, then hot glued them to a deadspace cover of a downhill stairwell. Made it look like rocks stuck to a cascading waterfall. after that was all said and done i took different color oops paint blues and greens and poured them from the top at intervals. The effect worked good and I named the falls.

I'll send you the coords and picture of "fake falls".

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You got it... Thanks for the reply and the graphics.


I seem to have stepped on the toes of a few people on this list by contacting them directly. If that is the case I am truly sorry. I am just excited about this project and when I found your list I thought this group would be interested and capable of helping me.


For those of you who have positively responded, thanks. If you can help me mark this thing in other countries or point me to people who might help I would also appreciate that too.


Finally, this makes my GPS, Programs and Laptop deductable as art tools.



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Just to clarify my choice of starting coordinates: That location is marked. It is in southern Colorado next to a lake that is named after my mother (Lake Annella). The lake is now marked on all topo maps as lake Annella. I own this particular piece of land. There is a stone pile there that contains my father's ashes.


Last summer I built five markers on the lines, as well as several other similar markers at points off the line. In the course of building my markers I found two other rather impressive markers. In the emerging tradition of post-modern art, I claimed them as my own.


On December 5, I will have three exhibitions of this project work including drawings, maps photographic images and paintings of the markers I built and acquired last summer.


Once again thanks for your interest. This should be fun.


W. Lowell Baker

Professor of Ceramics

The University of Alabama

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Thanks for your support. I am trying to move this conversation to the general fourm category as suggested by some.


I am more of a tactile guy than an online guy, but I am encouraged to document the project as suggested.


my teenage son will have to do the e-stuff.


Oh, by the way, the lnes are not imaginary, they are real. They are just a little thin at this point. They will thicken as time goes on. Can you imagine this project in 1000 years?


My father used to send his students looking for benchmarks with a Brunton Compass. All they had to do was return with a rubbing for a grade. Since my brothers and I knew where all of the markers were, we were able to make quite a profit on the side.



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