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Dr Who location filming

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Added to my Film and TV locations bookmark list. Thanks for the link :)

Hi Paul and everyone else interested in caches at film locations, here are a few from "Princess Bride"


GC1EVZ8 Robin Hoods Stride

GCQ0J5 Your nicked

GCJGED Cave dale cache

GC1973H angel beside me

GCZKJ9 Brimham Rocks

GC19X1P Malham Cove


There are probaby quite a few more as most of the outdoor scenes were filmed in Derbyshire a couple in Yorkshire and also SW Ireland, I'm not sure exacly where in Ireland as I had nothing to do with those scenes, but the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher are definates.


Sorry if I'm giving you locations that you already know.

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Survivors series 2 was filmed in South Warwickshire...



Ragley becomes star of BBC scroll down the page.

Ragley becomes star of BBC

Ragley became a star of the small screen on Tuesday 12th January featuring in the hit BBC 1 show Survivors. Filming took place in July last year when a host of stars, including Max Beesley spent three days at Ragley. The Great Hall was tansformed into a dilapidated Hotel where the characters sought refuge.


Recognised some of the scenery, but haven't done any of the caches on the estate set by Wrighty (WWW4-Ragley Estate) so don't know how close they are to the filming.

One scene had a shot of a derelict barn, of a style only used on the estate! (Barn style, not derelict style :) ) which made it obvious to me where it was filmed!


The road to the south of this cache Scott of the Antarctic was used as the scene of a crash, and an orchard nearby was used... (If you watched, it's where Roger Lloyd-Pack -of Trigger fame!- was tied up to the tree.)

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