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What happens when a BM is "reset"?

rain theory

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What exactly does it mean when a BM is "reset"? does it mean the obvious, that it is re-set? in a different, more accurate position? If so, then what happens to the OLD BM... is it destroyed? here is an example of a BM that i logged that was a "reset", and one I could not find that seems to have been the original.


If the original mark was destroyed, then should i just ignore all original BM's that have a reset?


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If you find that a bm has been reset, and you do not find any narrative that explains that it was destroyed, you might want to attempt to recover it on a weekend that you have nothing else planned for.


If you do want to try that, start by noting on a Topographical map any high spots that are in the area. It is possible that on a day when the surveyor logged the find he transposed a digit, or put down a 2 then logged it as a 7.


If you have the time to plan it out ahead of time, locate on a topographic map the features that the surveyor used as reference points for the PID, and reverse the measurements from those reference points.


Of course if he botched one measurement up, he very well may have botched another. The surveyor may have had an apprentice along who wrote down magnetic degree measurements when he should have used true degree measurements. Or thought he was using magnetic and miss-converted.


There are possibly thousands of places where the BM may be, but starting with high points that can see the reference marks should improve your likelyhood of finding the original mark.


It is possible that you will still not find the Benchmark. There may be a new highway passing through that was not logged, or someone may have placed a Home Depot on that location.


Use the experience to help you find other benchmarks that you may not have spotted before.


Also carefully read the description. If the mark is a Cut of some sort in a stone, and was placed over 50 years ago, you can figure that the mark may have litchen, or dirt over it now.


Have fun.



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