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Visiting Montreal

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I'm going to be visiting Montreal from England in a few weeks time for the Canadian Grand Prix (i'm working) and wonder if anybody knows of any caches in Montreal that I 'must do' whilst i'm here.




This is was my favourite when I was in Montreal in Nov 08. Simple, micro cache - great view.




Parc Maissoneuve is a nice, flat place to walk around and grab some finds as well. This one is kinda in the middle of the area, so work your way out from it.



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I also liked caching on Mont Royal itself. The Earthcache there has a nice view of the city too.

Did you hike up the trails from the bottom? I am going to be there next weekend for a few days and was considering doing that.


I did, but we only found a couple - my friend was carrying around his drum for tam tam (the Sunday drum circle at the park to the east of the 'mount'). I think you could spend a nice chunk of day out there. Be prepared for some mosquitos in the bush... and squirrels everywhere!

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For Da Vinci Code type fans, there is my GCWCFD


I have that one on my radar (even though I am am the furthest thing from a "Da Vinci code" fan). I thought it might be a good one for a group of mostly non-geocacher sightseers, so we have plans to do it sometime this weekend. However, I am concerned about my mom-in-law, who can't really do much walking. It looks like about 11 stages, but are they all within the same church? How much total walking is there? Thanks.

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There is also a Stargate cache on Mont Royal, those are pretty rare... I haven't visited it myself, so couldn't tell you if it is a nice spot, but with a terrain rating of 4, it's bound to be off the beaten track.


If you are in shape, there are stairs going most of the way up the mountain... and a nice view from those stairs.


It really depends on what type of caches you like and what areas you'd like to visit. Montreal has lots of tricky puzzles, well-hidden micros in "touristy" areas like Old Montreal, easier caches on trails in large city parks that can make you believe you are far from town...

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