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question about signature items and cache logs

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Kinda curious, I am sure there is no one rule and therefore different answers.


If you find a signature item in a cache (nontrackable) would you mention if you took it in your log on find?


Do you always write in the online log what you took or what you left?


thank you for sharing!


much respect ~5$

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I do tend to collect sig items, and I always mention what I took and left in my online log...also in the cache log if there's room.


That is what I have been doing, but I didn't know if I was being too wordy, or if most people were hoping that others would let them know what they took, what they left, and if they collected a sig item. I knew for certain you are supposed to log any collected tags.



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i save trading descriptions for the online logs, as i am usually pressed for time to sign logs to avoid muggle detection and i am always anxious to get to the next cache.


I have (mostly) been logging the trade details on the online logs. I worry about taking up too much space in the physical log. I like to find logs with entries going back as many years as possible, or at least to the beginning of the cache's birth. For that reason I wouldn't want to fill up the log book so that it has to be replaced sooner than it needs to be. I wasn't sure if you are expected to write it into the physical logs though.

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Since i am fairly new, let me preface this by saying that IT IS MY UNDERSTANDING that you are required to SIGN the log. Anything extra is, of course, voluntary. But i, like you, prefer to save space in the physical log and wax poetic on the online logs.

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