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Geocoin Auction


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Geocoin Auction:


This auction will run for 48 hours.


Start time: 10:00pm EST Thursday 05/13/10

End time: 10:00pm EST Saturday 05/15/10


Email me at n8turgrl69@hotmail.com or through my profile, please no PMs. Send your bid to me for any coin you would like, listing them separately. Once you have been outbid I will email you to let you know.


**Do Not post your bid in this forum.**


At 10:00pm EST on Saturday, the person with the highest bid wins. Paypal only. Shipping is $2.50 for first coin and $0.50 each additional coin. Add $1.00 for international shipping.


All coins are trackable on geocaching.com. Coins that are activated have been noted. Once payment is received, adoption for the coin will be sent to the winner. Coins are sold as is. They have been in binders or plastic coin sleeves. If I have listed a coin for sale in error please let me know and I will remove it immediately.


Bids can be seen here: Current Bid


$3 Starting bid:

POW/MIA Trackable Pin

Sextant Trackable Pin


$5 Starting bid:

2007 3rd Annual Airborne Event - SILVER - ACTIVATED

2007 Evil Micro - ACTIVATED

2007 NCGO (North Carolina Geocachers Organization)Geocoin - ANT. SILVER - ACTIVATED

2008 4th Annual Airborne Event - Silver

2008 4th Annual Airborne Event - Gold

2009 5th Annual Airborne Event - Blue/Silver

2009 5th Annual Airborne Event - Black / Gold

Adopt a site Geocoin - GOLD - ACTIVATED

Adopt a site Geocoin - NICKEL - ACTIVATED

Air Force Geocoin - ACTIVATED

Army Geocoin - ACTIVATED

Canada Micro

Canada Micro Puck

Crake Symbology - Ant. Silver - ACTIVATED

Dog Days of Summer

Feng Shui Compass Geocoin - ACTIVATED

Gary & Vicky Geopelli Geocoin - ACTIVATED

GCC March 2006 Signal Geocoin

GCC August 2006 Tools Of the Trade (2 coins)


Geowoodstock 5 Geocoin - ACTIVATED

Geowoodstock 7 - Beaver Dude - Multi color

Grand high Pobah's Leaderboard Geocoin - ACTIVATED

Midnight Madness Geocoin - GW7 Geocoin event

North Carolina '06 Geocoin - SILVER - ACTIVATED

Team Everywhere - Hockey Geocoin - BLUE JERSEY/SILVER - ACTIVATED

Team Everywhere - Hockey Geocoin - GREEN JERSEY/GOLD - ACTIVATED


$10 Starting Bid:

2006 USA Geocoin - ACTIVATED

2007 MAGC BRTango Geocoin - SATIN SILVER

2009 Groundspeak Lackey

9/11 Memorial Coin - ANT. GOLD - ACTIVATED

Anasazi- Spiced Yime

Anasazi - Blue - Silver

Anasazi - Turqouise - Silver

Cache or Charge (handcuffs) Geocoin - SILVER - ACTIVATED

Carousel Lion -Gold

Cinema Boxers

CinemaBoxers 10th Anniversary Geocoin - ANT. GOLD - ACTIVATED

CinemaBoxers 10th Anniversary Geocoin - SILVER - ACTIVATED

Dragon Spinner - Gold - Activated


Groundspeak CITO Geocoin

Honu - Silver

Honu - Black Nickel

Legend of Bigfoot Geocoin - ACTIVATED

LizardToadz Decypher Coin V1 - Silver

MAGC Bullet Geocoin (Not sure if this is the correct name...its a MAGC coin shaped like a bullet)

Mimbres - Black Nickel

Mimbres - Ant. Bronze

Morpho Butterfly - Black Nickel/Glow

Outerbanks Lighthouse Benchmark - Ant. Silver

Pathtag Sherpa - Green Glitter

PAX Baby Dragon - Night Fury - Nickel

PAX Baby Dragon - Lil Buck - Copper

PAX Baby Dragon - Lil Punkin- Gold

Quadrant - Bronze

Quilt Trail - Allandale Farm - Stars Over Tennessee

Quilt Trail - County Fair - Appalachain Fairgrounds

Sextant Geocoin

The Unknown Soldier Geocoin - ACTIVATED


$35 Starting Bid:(Sold as a set of 4)

"The Challenge" Puzzle Geocoin - ACTIVATED

"The Find" Puzzle Geocoin - ACTIVATED

"The Quest" Puzzle Geocoin - ACTIVATED

"The Research" Puzzle Geocoin - ACTIVATED


Thanks for looking! :)

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