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Garmin, Magellan or DeLorme

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Hello All,


I know there is a lot of info on this question but I just can't seem to decide


Here are 3 units I am considering:


Garmin eTrex Vista HCx

Magellan Triton 1500

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40


Here are a few things I think I need:


memory card slot

Power Jack


gpx support ?



Buying it to start Geo caching with my kids but USE IN THE CAR ALSO


I know with the Garmin I would have to get maps and the rubber tends to come off after awhile

And the Magellan Triton 1500 uses "better" "easier" types of pictures as maps??


To be honest I have spent days reading about these and feel overloaded and need some recommendations


Please tell me what you all think





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I don't have a strict recommendation, but I do have some thoughts:


1) Lots of people talk about having a separate vehicle GPS, perhaps spending less on their handheld unit, as the ease of use of handhelds for vehicle use is not there (compared with the pluses of car-only GPS)


2) I have already ordered a Delorme, so have made my decision. Something that might weigh in favor of delorme is the fact that you can get a Delorme power unit that comes with a rechargeable battery and 12volt charger for in-car use... not sure if other units have that capability, but I am sure you will hear it here if they do.


3) if you are going to use the GPS for caching with Geocaching.com, I would think that GPX functionality would be a definite plus.


Good luck!


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as far as I know, of the three you listed, only the Triton has support for .GPX - I assume you want to take advantage of paperless caching? it's a wonderful thing and I won't go back - I use an iPhone for most of my caching these days but have a couple others for when the trees get too thick..


You migh also consider the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx - I wish I would have bought that one instead of my Vista HCx because of the larger screen, and the omni-directional antenna (but mostly for the larger screen)

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I have a DeLorme PN40 as well as a Garmin Colorado 400t, both of which I was able to buy at different times at great prices. The DeLorme, right out of the box, is able to give driving directions as well as its other features. It is great for geocaching and for $30 or so you get unlimited map downloads. I like it a lot. The Colorado 400t needs an SD card for driving directions for about an extra $100. And Garmin now offers Birdseyeview (satellite imagery) similar to DeLormes product for about $30, but is limited to only one registered device. I use them both, often, and it comes out as a tie for me as to the better unit. Some do not like the Rocknroller control of the Colorado. As I don't enter much as far as text it does not bother me, and its easy to use with a gloved hand. To press enter with a glove on, bend your index finger and use your knuckle. With the DeLorme, better take the gloves off. I have never had any issue with either unit, although I have read posts on both with their quirks. I do get more overall use out of the Garmin. Some like touch screens. Personally, I don't. I have had no experience with products from other manufacturers so I cannot comment on them. DeLorme and Garmin support are both good. DeLorme gets you answers faster in my experience. Again, neither has had a problem other than the user.

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Hello Everyone,


Thanks for all the input, I was having a hard time deciding and than read this post:




I'm surprised nobody's mentioned the Bass Pro sale on the 60CSx, for $199.

Also, others have reported you can get it even cheaper this way:

Use $20 off coupon code : SAVE20A

After shipping the total was about $194!

Apparently you can also go into the BP stores and they will honour the web price.

BP must be clearing shelf space for the soon to be released 62 models...


At $194.89 Delivered I think the Garmin 60CSx is a No-Brainer I JUST ORDERED IT


Thanks Again !!!



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